As a side note, Yakuza Kiwami and Ishin assets are compatible here. If you have the upcoming port of Kiwami or the PS4 versions of both games, you can replace the mesh files in the same way for any of those games. 5 models have serious rigging issues and the other games tend to crash. Ishin models so far only work in cutscenes, attempts to use them in-game just crash.

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This is definitely worth doing as soon as possible as it is the best way of earning significant yen, which will be needed for Sumire’s relationship as well. In fact, if you want to complete all substories you don’t really have a choice. Each romance resolution counts as its own substory within the available total of 52. Getting Etsuko in Club Sunshine involves completing the substory The Obatarian Strikes on Sotenbori Street. After getting through this chain of events — and being thoroughly manhandled by Etsuko — she will become a valuable hostess for Club Sunshine. Greetings and welcome to a strange and mysterious land known as…

This is my guide to Yakuza 0, the prequel to the first Yakuza game, now released for the Playstation, Xbox, and PC. In this game, we’ll observe some of our favorite Yakuza characters as they existed long before the days of Yakuza 1, and long before they became the people we know today. Prepare yourself, because the world of big hair and pointy shoulders is most unforgiving. You raise Habu’s friendship gauge by watching videos at Gandhara Sotebori. Story events will trigger when you have watched 5, 10, and 15 videos.

  • Talk with him and you’ll find that out that he’s doing this because it pays more than his job at the Pocket Circuit Stadium.
  • You can purchase 2 mushrooms initially, before he leaves.
  • The earliest known independent Moroccan state was the Berber kingdom of Mauretania, under King Baga.
  • When you first start you’re given some basic staff.
  • In May 2020, hundreds of Moroccan migrant workers were stranded in Spain amid restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Sotenbori Street you should see a girl standing around . She’ll like this call out to you and asks you to pretend to be her boyfriend otherwise she’ll be forced to proceed with an arranged marriage. Accept her request and you’ll have to meet with her dad in a restaurant.

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The responses are also consistent depending on the swimsuit. For example, each girl with a blue swimsuit will give the same responses to questions. Each swimsuit has three different possible girls, which narrows down the search significantly.

Telephone Club

The Doll Girl mentions that Majima was the one who was giving her all of the dolls and her mother is extremely grateful for it. Majima also comforts the girl by comparing its scars to his own, saying how he’s doing just fine. When the friendship gauge is raised enough, Kitajima leaves to go and restock. Reload the area and come back to the alley where you’ll him being confronted by two men. They’re angry because they thought he was selling a different kind of mushrooms . They eventually turn their anger on Kiryu and you’ll fight.

After completing a game where you got 3 strikes, Emiri congratulates you and she gives you a turkey. To Kiryu’s disbelief, it’s not a meal, but an actual live one! Emiri offers to cook it for Kiryu, but he decides to keep it instead. When the friendship gauge is raised enough, Kitajima leaves to go and restock again. Reload the area and come back to find more people having the same misunderstanding as before. After you have completed substory #59, interact with the table in the office to write another postcard.

Approximately 89.8% of the whole population can communicate to some degree in Moroccan Arabic. In 2008, Frédéric Deroche estimated that there were 12 million Berber speakers, making up about 40% of the population. The 2004 population census reported that 28.1% of the population spoke Berber. The most recent estimates put the size of the Casablanca Jewish community at about 2,500, and the Rabat and Marrakesh Jewish communities at about 100 members each.

The Doll Girl #

One of the most entertaining side activities in the title is managing Majima’s cabaret club. This side quest is imperative to unlocking Majima’s combat potential and attaining a ton of money in the process. However, managing the cabaret club will become difficult without great hostesses that can pull their weight. On that note, here are the best hostesses in Yakuza 0, and the tasks players must accomplish to obtain them.

While Eddie is walking away from Shauni’s sister’s engagement party, Kim (Shauni’s older sister) gets her hand stuck in the pool pump and luckily Eddie saves her. 8622An earthquake shakes Baywatch headquarters and causes many problems for the lifeguards and for one, a life altering decision is made. Brian Austin Green, who would later go on to star on Beverly Hills has a small role as a boy on the beach in this episode. John Sherrod has a small role as life guard Owen in this episode.