So, if you’re interested in working with us, don’t hesitate to check out our portfolio or review our ratings section to get a sense of our work and how we perform as a team. We’re always looking for new clients and new challenges, and can’t wait to take on yours! We are Falcon Interactive, a dedicated team of the top game, app, and web developers on Freelancer since 2012. We have developed over 200 most complex games of all genres, various apps, web platforms, and other software in multiple types and technologies. Of course you want someone with design skills, but you also want a game designer who communicates with you throughout the process, delivers on time and is generally good to work with. So we took past customer experiences into account to make sure all of our recommended game designers are professionals in service as well as design.

  • By following this basic structure, game developers can create engaging and immersive games that players will enjoy.
  • We’ll walk you through the contract-to-hire process if and when you’re ready to make it permanent with your new Game Design engineer.
  • There are so many brilliant game designers out there, all offering their own unique take on the world of game design.
  • You start to count your resources, what kind of skills required for this project, and if you need to hire game developers.
  • Some game developers may also receive bonuses or profit sharing based on the success of the games they work on.

We have a global community of over 400,000+ freelancers from 190+ countries. Global network with expertise in thousands of different software products, hardware and skills. When the storyline is gripping and heart-pumping, players want to experience playing the game often as the story keeps them curious about what might happen next in the story. An immersive and compelling storyline is hugely included in games, making the users come again and again to play. Now, if the game controls are too easy to use, gamers will lose interest as it is not driving any curiosity in them. And if the game controls are complex for the target audience, they will feel it is too complicated to use and play the game.

Time Saved

I am skilled in UX/UI, Extended Reality, Graphic Design, Illustration, Creative Coding and Motion Graphics, I try to use those skills together in projects when possible and useful. My aim is to innovate, creating projects which are on the edge of technology and aesthetics. Because video game design requires technical, artistic, and writing skills, video game design freelancers have to be versatile with several skills up their sleeves. For smaller indie games, a design team can double as video game programmers. But when games become more complex, design and programming became separate functions. According to Brice , 83% of UK video game developers including Blitz Games and Ubisoft Reflections have outsourced various aspects and elements of their gaming projects.

Our experts polish your game to remove any flaws that have been missed during the development phase. We are a team of game designers who specialize in designing games for all platforms. Our team has a wide range of experience in the industry and is passionate about gaming and everything related to game development. I am an experienced and passionate game designer and developer with a proven track record of success. In these enlightened days, most game developers and publishers have heard that a development team needs a “game designer.” Some even know what a designer does. A game designer isn’t necessarily the one dreaming up cool new game ideas.

game designer for hire

If you sign up and pay for Upwork Pro, you have access to a huge talent of individuals who can help with your search, premium freelancers, and an array of other beneficial features. Working with our Client Success Experts, we’ll help you build the remote team of your dreams with top Game Design talent from around the world. Schedule a call with a Client Success Expert to get starting hiring a Game Design developer. Our 8-point assessment evaluation ensures that every senior Game Design developer you interview exceeds expectations across technical, cultural, and language criteria.

What Do Game Designers Do?

Juego Studios have been in the gaming industry for more than a decade. By hiring a game developer from this site, you can get the experience and skills that you are looking for, at an affordable price. Now is the time to consider the freelancers here to ensure you find someone who can handle the job you need to have done. Here, you can learn about the top 9 sites where you can find and hire game developers for your next project. One is a good idea, and the second is a good team of professional game developers.

We also provide qualified project management for full control of all processes. We provide a hired specialist or a whole team with all the necessary equipment and software so that they can begin to implement your tasks immediately without downtime. You can find creative designers, with any skill set, in any location. He focuses on designing solutions that communicate the client’s needs effectively and concisely. You can also add other specifications for the project, such as if you need a full- or part-time freelancer. Thanks to how diverse the community is on Stack Overflow, finding the right freelancer is easier than it may seem.

Hire expert game designers

Our talented experts are always prepared to face any recent and next-generation technologies. Set up your R&D Center to Scale up your company’s workflow by hiring more talented programmers and developers. game designer for hire Riseup Labs connects businesses with freelancers, independent talent, and agencies worldwide. We help companies by providing freelancer resources to work together in new ways and environments.

game designer for hire

Tell us the skills you need and we’ll find the best developer for you in days, not weeks. Alex is a full-stack web developer with more than 10 years of experience who can work on both front-end and back-end. He is proficient in Node.js, Angular, React, VueJS, PHP5/7, etc. IT outsourcing is a great way to save costs while minimizing internal complexities in the early days of a startup. Companies like AppSumo, Google, Slack, WhatsApp, Basecamp all rely on remote programmers.

Can hired Game Designer work with my existing design & development team?

Riseup Labs doesn’t just design and build your game; we provide full post-deployment support to solve any creeping issues. So, hire freelance game developers for DLCs, regular updates, bug fixes, and more. As a result, ensure maximum player loyalty and satisfaction to expand your user base.

game designer for hire

Some marketing departments take these sites almost as seriously as print magazines; perhaps your interviewer will feel the same. Conversely, for assistant designers, companies are served best when they start close to home. Many good candidates may exist within the company, toiling away in play testing, customer service, or other junior positions. Their continued presence proves that they can survive the horrors of finishing a game.

Can I hire Game Designers in less than 48 hours through Toptal?

Next, we hold either a technical interview or peer programming session to assess their hard skills, followed by a final candidate review. If everything goes well, we’ll have an onboarding call to welcome them onto the Arc platform. Rockstar Games doesn’t see why only the kids should have all the video game fun. The company, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, is a publisher of mature-rated video games including the hugely popular Grand Theft Auto series.

Fiverr’s goal is to help reduce the options you have to choose from by segmenting the freelance marketplace. You will find profiles made by game developers that highlight the services they offer on this site. This site was known for being a reliable resource for finding and hiring extremely skilled software, web, and game developers.

Please provide details of your project needs so that our specialists can recommend the best possible solutions. Riseup Labs provide you effective consultation on managing your software lifecycle besides guiding in areas about attaining enhanced system performance. Riseup Labs offer onsite staffing services to fulfill your business demands. Our expert’s presence at client sites can be temporary, part-time, or full-time. Riseup Labs is a national award-winning Software Development Company.

Quality Talent, Guaranteed

According to Glassdoor, game developers in the United States average an annual salary of nearly $51,000. You can search for the game developer you need by typing in a keyword or going into specific, predefined categories, such as “game developers.” Work on mobile game development with augmented reality for Android. Yes, you can hire UpStack Game Design developers at any time, and with the same assurance of smoothly on boarding talent risk-free. Then, we’d vet, interview, and match developers that meet your needs.

They need to perform quality control tests on projects and should keep track of up-to-date industry developments & trends. Game design is an interesting field combining graphic design, creative writing, and computer science/programming. It is a significant part of video game development where the game designer’s work will be most important. We have a pool of experienced and passionate game designers with a proven track record to scale your team with minimal time.

We’ll only show you Game design experts who make it past our Silicon Valley-caliber vetting process. Some of the top companies that hire Game developers are Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Ubisoft, among others. If you are looking for the best Game developers who are willing to work in your timezone, try Turing deep jobs platform. For AR, Vuforia is the most recognized platform along with Kudan and EasyAR. MR developers have to be highly advanced software programmers with a solid knowledge of 3D, sound production, UI/UX.

It will define the tech expertise of game developers that you need. At this point, you may need to discuss your specific requirements with an experienced game developer or game development firm. This article will provide you with a guide into game development and what you should define before looking for the team. You will also learn about different approaches to finding dedicated game developers for creating your next masterpiece.

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